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Farrelli’s Wood Fire Pizza, Dupont, Washington

Pepperoni and Jack & John Pizza

It’s Friday night, and you have hankering for some quality pizza and a few micro-brews. Where do you go? Farrelli’s Wood Fire Pizza in DuPont, Washington.

The smell of delicious baking bread rises through the open spaces of this lofty eating establishment. One can almost feel the heat radiating from the wood oven. Pleasant smiles accompany the helpful staff as they work miracles in sating their customers every gourmand desire.

Their selection of micro-brews is exquisite with a full line-up of Mack & Jacks Ales (my fav is the Two Tun IPA with its brash, hoppy taste and pleasant burr of a finish). I have yet to order a domestic beer in this place, but I’m sure they pack the Usual Suspects…if you are so inclined. Either way, I’m sure they will do what they can to make your imbibing as pleasant as possible.

Being assailed by glorious odors of bubbling cheese, grilled meat and sweet tomato sauce as you walk in the door lends perfectly to the suspense of waiting for your hand-tossed pie. One of our usual’s the Jack & John. It is an herbed olive base topped pizza with Italian sausage, provolone/mozzarella chesses with green onions, green & black olives and fresh sliced mushrooms. We habitually sub the green & black olives for the kalamata olives. It gives the pie a triumphant punch that sends the flavor bus into the next county. TO. DIE. FOR.

The old standby for the kids is their pepperoni pizza. A generous helping of meat on top of their delicious sauce and smothered in cheese is enough to send the wee-ones to slavering.

Though the price may be more than the $5 cardboard pizza’s you can get from Little Caesar’s, it is worth the pocket-pain. The staff is great, the pizza is better and being able to quaff quality, ice-cold-chilly brew ha-ha’s while enjoying the whole experience makes the whole visit a must-do on not only a Friday night, but any night!

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