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Carr’s Restaurant, Lakewood

French Toast
Biscuits & Gravy










Maybe it was an off day. I don’t know. We went to Carr’s Restaurant for brunch. Their breakfast food is usually quite good. Their portion sizes are enough to choke a lumberjack (at least that didn’t change). The biggest disappointment of the morning was the service. Their help is almost always nice.  This day, HOWEVER, they were as confused as foreigner trying to ride the Metro in downtown Seattle for the first time. To start with, they brought our to-go order to the table (all wrapped up) before we were served our meals. What was THAT about? Then, 50 minutes after we gave our order, we received our food. This was pretty good (not as good as usual, but still good). But 50 minutes? Too much. People who got there after us received their meals before we did. Unacceptable. How long does it take to make biscuits/gravy and French toast, anyways.

To finish the mass confusion and disappointment, we were given our check…twice! By two different waitresses. That seemed to be theme of the day. I don’t mind being asked if I need anything by multiple people…what I do mind is when all the waitresses think the other one is helping me and they forget to serve me – took almost 10 minutes to bring out the ketchup and tobasco. Once we got it, another waitress brought some over to our table moments later. It was like a Twilight Zone episode. Eerie.  The owner needs to reorganize how their staff waits on customers. This was ridiculous.

Although the wait for food is usually long if they are busy, the food is worth it. Our food was hot and tasty when we got it…but it took them an age to deliver it. I am willing to give them another shot. I just hope they don’t disappoint again like they did that day. BOTTOM LINE: Good food/long wait. Don’t go in famished or rushed for time. You may be less than thrilled with the service.

Carrs Restaurant
11006 Bridgeport Way SW
LakewoodWashington  98499

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