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Form Follows Function: Utilikilt

I visited Utilikilts in Seattle this last weekend to get my boyfriend, Tracy, a birthday present. Unfortunately, the gift is not a surprise because he needed to get fitted. I have to admit, there is something appealing about a man in a kilt.

Tracy's Utilikilt

In April of 2000, the Utilikilt Company was formed in a an old brick building in the So-Do area of Seattle WA. Their aim: to pioneer a comfortable alternative to trousers by producing “Men’s Unbifurcated Garments” (MUG’s). Or, what is commonly called a kilt. The word Utilikilt is a compound word that combines the words utility and kilt. These garments are nothing if not for the supremely utilitarian man (or woman, if they are into wearing men’s action wear!). All of the starchy-scratchy perils of wearing a real woolen kilt are eschewed in lieu of the COMFORTABLE cotton cloth of these delightful alternatives to pants. These causal garments provide a line of demarcation between the kaki-clad modern-day yuppie and the freedom-loving fringe of the socially aware. To wear a Utilikilt is to boldly state that you do not follow the norm. You are the epitome of ‘Form Follows Function’ (the modus operandi of this upstart, in-your-face company). Utilikilt’s objective is to provide something liberating yet practical to wear while you’re out there wreaking havoc on society. Plus, they are cool as all get-out!

Anyone who has ever interacted with a Utilikilt’s employee – on the phone, in person, at an event – knows they are different. They are ostentatious, outgoing, fun-loving, and their workplace reflects their outlook on life. They wear kilts. They are in your face. And they are clearly having more fun than most other employees could ever fathom. Shopping in their store is an adventure and one should always be ready for anything! The shopping experience is almost as much fun as wearing the kilt itself.

Utilikilt* Safety tips… Because They Care:

* Safety Tip: No matter how much Robitussin you drink, Utilikilt’s cannot be made from Fruit Roll-Ups, nor should this be attempted.

* Safety Tip: When dodging rubber bullets at the protest, be sure to hold your kilt down, as you would in a strong wind.

* Safety Tip: When dancing drunk at your wife’s company picnic, resist the urge to lift your kilt above your chest.

* Safety Tip: When the Airport Security man at JFK International pats you down, refrain from mentioning your many “secret pockets”.

* Safety Tip: Puffy-sleeved shirts are not recommended with any Utilikilt*, and could lead to other fashion accidents.

* Safety Tip: “Acid Washed” does not refer to real acid.

* Safety Tip: Leaf-blower duels while wearing your Utilikilt* and your “SUBMIT” t-shirt in front of the Michigan Womyns Festival are not encouraged.

* Safety Tip: Reenacting “The Life and Death of a Fish in the Super Bass-O-Matic 2000” at the Farm and Home Show in Kansas City, will not only ruin your kilt, but may also induce motion sickness.

* Safety Tip: Breeding rattlesnakes is a Bad Idea, regardless of attire.

Tracy says: “If you’ve ever wondered what total man-freedom feels like, stop by their shop and try one on. I guarantee, you will be a ‘Utilikiltarian’ for the rest of your life.”

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