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The Rock

Cajun Chicken

The Rock, located throughout the Puget Sound Area is famous for their delicious specialty pizza pie. What most people do not realize, is that they also do sammiches! On a recent foray into the Covington area, we stopped in to the Rock to assuage our mounting hunger maladies. Both of us were not in the mood for pizza, so we decided to give their sammiches a try. Their mushroom burger (“Mushroom Madness Burger“) is topped with a generous helping of marinated mushrooms and a juicy slice of Monterey cheese. The bun was quite tasty but I thought the burger needed a sauce to complement the cheese/mushroom combo and make the masticated mess slide easier down my throat. All-in-all a good burger that could use a little help to make it an over-the-top ROCKER of a burger.

We also tried the Cajun Chicken Sammich. The chix breast was burnt and the Cajun spices were almost non-existent. This is not the usual quality of food at this establishment. The bayou sauce was tasty but nothing could get over the briquette of a chicken patty. Once we informed the server of our sub-par sammich, she diligently fetched the manager to our table who quickly apologized for the quality and offered us anything on the menu to make up for the transgression of the terrifying sammich. So we got the hot wings. They were good. Not too hot, not too mild. A robust flavor and they were meaty as-all-get-out!!

The service was good (as usual) and the managers attentive fix to our burger-brou-haha made up for the lackluster Cajun chix catch-22. Plus, we were comp’d for the burger and the wings. I would definitely come back for another shot at their burgers. Plus, if you can’t one you like, you can order one of the awesome pies!!!

BTW: Did I mention their micro-brews are yummy? Yeah. They are. Be sure to have one when you chow-down on their pies and/or burgers. It is a deal-maker.

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