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I’ve Been Served!

Real Estate Law SuitAs a Realtor, I hear lots of stories about how people sue each other over land; however I have never directly experienced this with any of my clients or any of the properties I have owned….until August 2013.
I received a phone call from my neighbor that they were served and I was also named in the civil suit regarding a strip of my property that used to be an access walk for the neighborhood to access the lake. About a week later, I opened the door to “Are you Nathaly Kolp?”, “Yes, “I have to give you this”. Fun times – I have now been served!

The history of my property as I know it: in about 1924, the neighborhood was short platted (land divided into building lots). At the time, there was an access walk along the lake. This access walk allowed homeowners in the neighborhood access the lake. From my understanding the access walk was vacated by Pierce County in 1948. Somehow, the access walk became the property of the adjacent land owners – seems to be one of the points being argued. In short the Plaintiffs (another neighbor) think everyone should have lake access through our property. Or maybe the plaintiffs think they should be compensated, which does not make any sense because they did not purchase their property until the 1950…well after the walk was vacated by the county.

As of right now, I am reading responses from all the attorneys as they argue their points. And it’s starting to get confusing. To be continued…

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