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A Realtor’s Tale: Changing Locks

I represent a Real Estate Investment company who purchased property at auction in May. One of the first things I do when I am assigned a property from bank or investment group is change the locks and place a contractor’s box on the door.

Today, as I am off to meet my husband for lunch, I get a phone call from Dave Finch, the roofer I asked to provide an estimate on this particular property. He tells me that someone is changing the locks on the house. My response, “What the….?!?! Can I talk to the locksmith?” The guy tells me that he has an order to change the locks from LTS Services and was kind enough to give me their phone number. I asked him to stay there as I was on my way. Needless to say, I didn’t have lunch with my husband!

I contacted LTS services asking why they were changing the locks since I have already done so. They told me that MTC Financial (previous mortgage company) sent them a request to change the locks because the house was in foreclosure.

Me: “The house was sold at auction mid-May and you are just changing the locks? And changing the locks for a mortgage company that does not even own the house anymore? Please cancel”

LTS: “Sorry we cannot do that without the written approval from the Mortgage Company.”

Me: “The mortgage company no longer owns the house. You are authorizing breaking and entering, which is illegal. I have the right to call the police.”

LTS: “Go ahead and call the police.” (they were leaving the locksmith hanging out to dry here)

Me: “I’ll wait on the phone while you contact the mortgage company and get permission to cancel the lock changes.”

LTS: “We only contact them via email and that will take 24 hours. Then we can provide you with a key once we get approval.”

Me: “Ok fine.” Then I gave her all my contact info.

Lucky for me that Dave showed up today and the locksmith was kind enough to wait. He gave me a key when I arrived and said that this happens all the time.

Thanks Dave!
Thanks Dave!

PS: If you need a roofer – Dave’s the guy for the job!

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