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Zoey, our Aussie

In 2007, we decided to get a family dog. I knew I wanted a dog that was easily trainable, because at the time I was a working single Mom (without a lot of time). I began my dog research. I came across the Australian Shepherd.

The AKC said: Animated, adaptable and agile, the Australian Shepherd lives for his job, which still involves herding livestock and working as an all-purpose farm and ranch dog. He needs a lot of activity and a sense of purpose to be truly content. Today, due to the breed’s intelligence and versatility, “Aussies” also excel in AKC events such as agility, obedience and herding. Their coats can be black, blue merle, red merle and red with or without white markings.

Then search began for an Aussie! We found Zoey at Seven Cedars Ranch in Glenoma, Washington.

Zoey at 6 weeks
Zoey's 1st Day at home 06/2/07

She is has an amazing herding instinct and is extremely agile. I discovered a herding farm, Ewe-Topia in Roy, Washington were we occasionally took Zoey, where she learned to herd a few sheep. Since her experience at Ewe-Topia , we have taught her to chase the ducks off our dock.

Zoey herding sheep at Ewe-Topia

And now that we have chickens, she is learning to keep the flock together!

She is an amazing dog. I hope to find the time to sign her up for agility classes next!

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