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Where’s My Moby?

moby app icon great family locator app


Smart Phone App

Devices: iPhone, Blackberry Android

Cost: Free



As my children are getting into their teenage years, they are developing their own personal schedules and social lives. I like to know where they are at all times; for safety reasons and to make sure they are where they say they are! Now there is an ingenious new way to track them, especially now that my son Zach will be able to get his driving permit next year.

Nathaly, Zachary and Emily Kolp

Also being Realtor, I meet new people and often show vacant houses. Once I opened the door to a vacant house, I heard noise at the end of the hallway. Apparently, someone was living in the back bedroom and jumped out the window when he/she heard the front door open. We noticed the sleeping bag and food piled up in the corner of the bedroom. Since this incident, I give a list of the homes I am showing during the day to my Dad. Now there is no need to print out this list. I can be green and share my location with my family in real time using Moby.

I think Moby is a great app so everyone can check in. You can share your location with family and friends, whether they use Moby or not! You can share your location to your friends and family via SMS and Email. When you initiate location sharing with someone who is not using the Moby app on their iPhone, they will receive a secure link on their smartphone or computer which will take them to a private map showing your 10 most recent locations. The map will automatically update every 2 minutes until you stop sharing location.


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