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Video Marketing with Total Broadcasting

When a company like Cisco tells you how its going to be on the internet in the future we’ve all learned to sit up and pay attention. Cisco is a multi-national Internet and software company based in the Silicon Valley of California. They have over 60-thousand employees and annual revenue exceeding $40-billion. They’re listed in all the major stock indexes including the S & P 500.

In November of 2011 Cisco issued a report predicting that video would make up 90% of Internet traffic within three years. It already makes up 51% of Internet traffic. I have a problem with Cisco’s prediction. I don’t think it will take three years.

Video as a communications and marketing tool is already exploding all over the Internet, and this has been largely a spontaneous growth generated by the creation of YouTube in 2005 and other video sharing services that followed. Two things have kept this phenomenon from being even more omnipresent. Most importantly video production companies are only now starting to market their services to a whole new line of customers who they previously didn’t pursue. The video production industry has had a limited client base because the avenues for displaying their product were limited to television and movie theaters and not much else. Now anyone can convey a message of information, demonstration even introduction via video and put it on the Internet for the world to see.

The other thing that limited video was it’s cost. Producing a high quality video that reflected well on you or your business could take up all of a small or medium sized company’s advertising budget; the process for producing video necessitating a high rate for the service. Now every smart phone includes video recording capabilities, with quality that at worst would be considered adequate for not hurting, your company’s branding.

We saw this trend developing before most. Total Broadcasting Service began operations in 2005, taking the name “Total” in order to fulfill our goal of becoming a full service audio/video production company and advertising agency. We added video as part of our services two years ago and made the focus of our products affordability. We wanted to do it at a financial level where our customer base would be wide and capable of regularly and repeatedly using our products.

Our monthly customized videos for various, specific industries has been a great success. By putting considerable time and effort into developing quality videos to serve as templates for each industry we could re-sell these videos to multiple customers and customize each. This gave the customer a high quality product that is indisputably entirely their own. The first industries we focused our marketing efforts on were auto mechanics, and real estate.

As an example our real estate video customers can appear in the videos, introduce themselves to new customers and appear knowledgeable and generous for offering the researched and helpful tips. The videos match the branding of their real estate service. And the realtor, mortgage agent, home inspector or other real estate professional looks cutting edge, or forward-thinking. All positive attributes that can go a long way toward building their success.

Cisco and other knowledgeable sources tell each and every one of us in business that you WILL use products and services like those offered by Total Broadcasting Service. It’s just a matter of when. Probably not too long into the future. We will strive to properly show that it’s in your best interest to start sooner and be ahead of the pack, rather than be late to the party.

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Total Broadcasting

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