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Repairing Drywall Holes

Water has been attracted to our house this year. We had a frozen pipe leading to the water spigot. I didn’t know it until I had it attached to a hose, watering the lawn. As I walked downstairs, I heard something that sounded like a faucet running. Water was running right through the basement ceiling. We tried to get to the water pipes by going up through the ceiling so as not to have to cut into the Pergo floor above. Unfortunately, we ran into the heating duct, forcing us to cut through the Pergo floor anyway.

Blocked by Heating Ducts






Lightning struck twice! We had a slow drip from the water pipe connections in the wall of the shower. I walked downstairs and heard a drip…drip…drip. The drip was coming through the ceiling. It took us over a week and several holes in the ceiling to discover the source of the water drip. Needless to say, our winter project this year will be patching drywall holes.

Trying to find the leaky pipe


more holes to find leaky pipe


Root Cause






For small nail holes I use spackling paste. You can apply it with your finger or a putty knife. Any of the ones listed here works well.

For big holes you can purchase a patch kit. How to Video

For the biggest holes, you will need to buy a sheet of drywall. How to Video

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