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Rental Scam

real Estate investment - for rent

I have a client was forwarded this email from someone trying to rent their house. They thought this was a very strange email:

Thank for your interest regarding my house, our lovely home is still available for rent and we want responsible adults/family that are neat and also believe that they have what it takes to take care of our
house as if it were theirs. My wife and I initially had it up for sale but had a change of mind in leasing

it out ourselves because the agent that was in charge of our rental property was asking too much of an agent  fee and also making it difficult for people who cannot afford the rent, stay away from renting
my house.

The reason why our house is up for lease is because I got transferred from my place of work to Baltimore MD, I will be away with my family for at least 2 to 3 years because of the love I have for them, I have decided not to sell our house and also assuring them that we only have few years to spend here and will be willing to lease it out to person/family who is willing to assure us of taking absolute care of our home and pay their rent on time. I will start by telling you more in regard me and my family. I have a daughter named Leslie (20yrs) who attends University of MD as a medical student, she has a lot going for her and she is also down to earth in all that she does to keep us happy and when she is back home on vacation, she also assist her mom in the house work when am at work I work as a Robotic Programmer & Welder/Fitter here in Baltimore MD and got married to a lovely wife who is a member of Joyce Meyer Ministries. We will be very pleased if we can find the right tenant to rent our home, a person who is a clean freak and does not tolerate anything that has to do with dirt… we also would
like to know more about you and your family,your renting experience and how long and when you plan moving into our home. These 3 bedrooms and 2 baths home are very specious and neat. 2,100 sqft.Let meread from you how you intend taking good care of my home..Stay blessed.

Below is the rental property address:

(6434 S I St Tacoma, WA 98408)

Pets allowed: Yes
Rent: $1,200

The rental fee is inclusive with utilities.

Red flags:

  1. Why would a landlord provide so much personal information about themselves?
  2. I have never seen a house that includes utilities as part of the rent.
  3. No phone number for the landlord.

I did a little more research and it turns out this house was listed for sale. I called and talked to the listing agent. She told me that the house just passed inspection and they expected it to close soon.  I explained to her it was on the internet for rent. Interesting enough, she said another person called and thought that the house was for rent also; however, it was never for rent. I started to ask her the seller’s email address; however she stopped me, stating that the seller did not even own a computer.

BE AWARE: This is a scam where you will find vacant houses “For Rent” on various websites. The goal is to get a potential tenants’ deposit and first month’s rent. If ever in doubt, search the home’s address on Google. Or contact me, I would be more than happy to check on the house’s history (just like I did in this story).

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