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Pink Bat – Turning Problems into Solutions

Do you ever feel like you aren’t getting anywhere – your tires are spinning? I feel this way sometimes. There are a lot of things out of my control, namely the economic conditions. Reading about the economy doesn’t make it any better because it seems like the economy is also spinning it’s wheels. However, I believe I am a realistic optimist. I realize when I am feeling stuck and always look for other options instead of focusing on the negative situation. At this point, I know I need to find something that will get me motivated again. For me, that “something” is the story of the Pink Bat, by Michael McMillan.

Pink Bat by Michael McMillan

Some of my favorite lines from the book are:

“We’ve all heard the expression: “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure” Consider this: “One man’s problem is another man’s SOLUTION.”

“What you believe and focus on…becomes your reality. If you go out looking for trouble, you’ll find it. If you focus on happiness, it will appear. Once you decide what you’re looking for, your brain will go to work to find it and make it your reality. Whether your focus is on something positive or something negative, your brain will subconsciously gather evidence to prove it and it becomes your reality.”

“In life everything changes. To find Pink Bats, you must change, too. Without seeing reality for what it is, and using your imagination to see it for what it could be, today’s Pink Bats will remain unseen.”

“For every problem, there exists a solution…and at the very least…an opportunity. But it takes an open mind to see it…and intelligence and imagination to create it.”

Where is your Pink Bat?

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