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June Checklist for a Smooth Running Home

With summer weather breezing in, school letting out and vacations being planned, June can be at once a relaxing and very busy month. From the big stuff (painting the siding) to the small (swapping out the dishes) and the purely fun (set up a cut-flower station), make the most of your month with these 11 tips for refreshing your home inside and out.

Swap out seasonal dishes and decor. A pared-down cupboard of white dishes and machine-washable linens feels fresh and easy for summer. Clear space in your cupboards and simplify your life by storing dishes and decor in deeper hues until fall.

Paint the siding. If you’ve been thinking of having your house painted this year, fair weather makes June a great time in which to do it.

Clean the gutters. Keeping your home’s gutters and downspouts cleared of leaves and debris can help prevent damage and leaks.

Manage children’s artwork and memorabilia. The end of the school year is a natural time to sift through photos and treasures from the past year. Put a few special pieces in frames, make a scrapbook or digital photo book, and limit other items to what will fit in a single smallish storage box.

Ready the guest room. Be prepared for family and friends to stay this summer by giving your guest room a little extra TLC. Spending the night in there yourself is a great way to figure out what the room needs.

Clean up kids’ play equipment and check for safety. As play starts to move outdoors, take a moment to inspect play structures, swing sets and other gear for cracks, tears and other safety issues.

Update first aid kits for summer adventures. 
From bike rides to water slides, summer fun tends to come with a bit of risk. Be prepared to handle little emergencies with a well-stocked first aid kit at home — and toss a second kit in the car for good measure.

Set up a cut-flower station. Whether you are toting home armfuls of flowers from the farmer’s market or cutting in your own garden, a designated flower arranging area is a delight well worth making room for. Clear off a bit of table space, gather your favorite tools and containers, and get to work!

Prep the swimming pool, If you have a pool, be sure to set up a cleaning and maintenance schedule for the season ahead.

Inventory seasonal gear. Track down that beach umbrella, camping kit, and inner tube, and give everything a quick cleaning. Schedule any repairs or replacements now.

Plan some patio sitting time. Whether you crave a solo sit with a glass of cool iced tea or a fete with friends, make a point of carving out time this month to enjoy yourself at home.

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