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Erick’s Testimonial

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Nathaly for a job well.  I was a very stressed out homeowner trying to sell my home as a short sale with another realtor. After nearly a year my realtor gave up and left me high and dry. In quiet desperation and fear of suffering a forclosure, I was referred to Nathaly and asked her if she would pick up the short sale and get my home sold.  With great enthusiasm Nathaly assumed control of the short sale and immediately started producing renewed market interest.

Within a few months, Nathaly communicated with several interested parties and soon secured a buyer for my home.  At this point, Nathaly skills and abilities were put to the test. As the closing date drew near, what ever could go wrong did go wrong.  A simple short punch list of repairs were identified during the home inspection.  A professional contractor was called into handle the minor plumbing repairs.  The contractor caused a devastating water leak that resulted in over $10,000 worth of repairs.  Nathaly’s clear presence of mind and unique problem solving skills helped to keep  repairs on track and completed within the closing deadline.

I have never met anyone with such drive and determination to do whatever needs to be done on behalf of the client.  Communication was always timely and focused on solutions.  Nathaly is truly a rare professional that knows how to exceed customer expectations and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to conduct real estate sales / purchases.

Erick, Former home owner

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