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I love the ease of having my files always available on all my devices; as well as feeling secure that my important files are backed up. I use a desktop PC, iPhone and iPad – even with two different operating systems, Dropbox is very simple to use. If you know how to access your C-drive, you can use Dropbox – as long as it’s installed on all your devices. Dropbox allows me to save and open any files on any of m devices, share files with other users or email a link to the files to a non-Dropbox user.

For Business:I print a PDF document of the homes I show and place the PDF into Dropbox. I can access the homes information from my iPhone to answer buyer’s questions on the house we are previewing. This is a time saver because I don’t have to try to log into the Multiple Listing Service. This is a money save because I don’t print any paper (save a tree!) or waste any ink. I keep all the listings I show in Dropbox file labeled with the buyer’s name; thus maintaining a record of what they have seen. Of course I delete the home listings once they buy a house. I also keep contracts in the same files for those times my office calls me to tell me they are missing a document. This is very convenient when I am nowhere near my PC. I open up Dropbox on my iPhone and forward it to the office. Here is a great article for Agents: What Dropbox Can Teach Us about Cloud Computing

For Home: When I find something I want to read, I print it in PDF format and place it in Dropbox. As I am waiting at the doctor’s office or elsewhere, I can pull out my iPhone or iPad and start reading. I also like to put recipes in Dropbox, place my iPad on a tripod on the kitchen counter and start following the recipe. I have also shared larger files such as Video files through Dropbox.

Let me know how you are utilizing cloud technology – I enjoy sharing ideas to make life easier!

Below is a video tutorial about Dropbox:

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