American Soldier – Toby Keith

My Dad while stationed in  Colorado, 1962
My Dad while stationed in Colorado, 1962

Veteran’s day is about reflecting on the incredible dedication, courage, and honor that Americans, both living and deceased, have demonstrated in order to preserve our nation’s independence and safety. Their loyalty to our nation is unmatched and it is important to honor Veterans not only today, but every day.

Life, Camera, Action – Johnson Family

Musical notes for Music Monday

This video from the Johnson family in Henderson, NV was the grand prize winner of the Coldwell Banker Life, Camera, Action YouTube contest and is sure to be one of the cutest videos of home that you’ll ever see.

Don’t Worry Be Happy – Bobby McFerrin

Musical notes for Music Monday

It’s been a rough month here at the Burnett Household. We were served in a civil suit because a neighbor believes our vacant waterfront lot should belong to the neighborhood and accessible to everyone. A few issues have arose from my divorce decree, which includes a quit claim deed which was never signed to remove my ex from this civil suit. A $200 dispute regarding a contract with a vendor for my business is now going to small claims court. Attorney’s like my check book this month! Our refrigerator is not working. We have been debating on getting the one we want (which will cause a kitchen remodel to make it fit) or just getting one that will fit in the current space that is allotted for the fridge. Needless to say, we have been eating out a lot while we are trying to make this tough decision. Then to add to all our drama, a close friend lost his 20 year old son this month. This had made me realize that the rest of the drama will pass. It’s the people in your life that is important. I’ve hugged my family a lot more this month. This song is my attitude for the rest of the drama!